It’s always nice when you have a room that has just been redecorated. But what if that redecoration could also save you money on your household bills? That’s the kind of innovative service we have to offer here at Budget Blinds.

Here’s a quick fact: by installing blinds or shutters you can reduce the heat loss through your windows by 40%. That reduction in heat loss means for every £1000 you spend on heating, you could save £70.

And when the blinds and shutters look great – as they do when bought from our incredible collection – they improve the aesthetic appeal of any space, as well as improving your monthly and yearly outgoings.

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Energy Saving Tips

  • Using blinds and shutters correctly in winter months can cut down heat loss through windows. This reduces the demand for heating, lowering the costs of energy bills.
  • In winter, close the blinds after the sun goes down to retain the heat.
  • In winter, open the blinds on sunny days to maximise heat gain from the winter sun.
  • Blinds in unoccupied rooms should be closed.
  • Energy savings of blinds and shutters are similar to other common energy efficient measures and have a quick payback.

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