Vertical Blind Aftercare

To ensure your vertical blind stays looking their best for many years to come, follow the straightforward operating and cleaning instructions below:

Operating Instructions

  • The side chain operates the angle of the louvres.
  • The cord opens and closes the blind.
  • Pull gently on either to create your desired effect.
  • Do not use the cord to open and close the blinds unless the louvres are in the fully open position.
  • If one of your louvres is out of alignment, pull the control chain until they are all closed and then pull the control chain until the louvres are in alignment. When aligning you will experience some resistance until the misaligned louvre is back in place.
  • From time to time the side chain connector can reach the headrail, preventing louvre rotation. Simply pull the control chain in the opposite direction until the connector is at the bottom of the loop.
  • A silicon-based furniture polish inside the headrail will ensure the louvres glide smoothly.


  • Before removing the louvres from the headrail, unclip the chain at the bottom of the louvre and slide out the weights.
  • To unhook the louvres, hold the top of the louvre, tilt to 45 degrees and pull the clip out of the hook.
  • Removing the plastic hangers in the top of the louvre and lay the louvres separately on a flat serface. Using a mild detergent, clean each louvre by wiping from top to bottom with a slightly damp soft cloth. Don’t press too hard and don’t rub the louvre.
  • Hand the louvres to drip-dry – they should not be hung in direct sunlight.
  • Replace the weights while the blind is drying.
  • Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.
  • Replace top hangers, hang the louvres on the headrail and replace the weights and chains.

WARNING – Child Safety Information

In the interest of safety, please keep all pull cords and chains out of the reach of children. Visit our Child Safety Advice page for more information.

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