Now we’re officially into summer, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the most of the good weather we should receive. A conservatory lets in lots of natural light and is perfect for enjoying the outdoors, indoors. But how do you stop the sunlight from causing you problems like excessive glare and heat? One solution might be solar window tinting.

With solar tinting you can reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room by over 80%. You still feel some warmth and light but gets rid of “hot spots” as well as glare and unnecessary brightness on computer screens.

If you’re working in a conservatory or office with lots of windows, these will be perfect. As an added bonus they significantly reduce the amount of UV radiation you get through the windows (over 90% in most cases.)

Solar control films come in a superb range of colours so they’ll blend in seamlessly with your existing room.

If you’d prefer to not have tinting but still want to keep cool then ensure the blinds you buy from us are heat controlled. We have extraordinary heat control blinds that will stop you from becoming uncomfortably hot in the summer months.

Heat control blinds are made up of 3 layers, the 1st layer is usually polyester face fabric, the 2nd is aluminium foil and the final layer is polyester film. The aluminium layer reflects around 60% off the sunlight hitting it and the rest is absorbed by the blind and then passed to the conservatory which acts as a heat sink. As temperatures go down at the end of the day the heat is slowly released as the blinds become warm again.

Another option to consider is solar shading. There are many different design solutions available with solar shading and we’ll help you pick the best ones.

Solar shading can reduce your energy bills because it reduces the amount of heat and glare, thus meaning you’ll need to use less air conditioning and other cooling equipment. In the colder winter months they’ll reduce the need for heating because of the way they’re designed and manufactured.

Solar shadings look visually stunning and are very common in buildings across the country. They work by maximising the amount of natural light entering a building but still stop excessive glare and heat, giving you optimum working and living conditions.

At Budget Blinds we can install all these marvellous products for you. Call us on 01204 669898 to speak to one of our experts about our heat control products.

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