What could you buy with an extra £70?

We’re officially into winter! The weathers a lot cooler so we’re all cranking up the heating in our homes but what if we told you that we can save you money on your household bills? Don’t believe us? Read on…

Well, here’s a quick fact. Did you know that by installing blinds or shutters in your home you can reduce heat loss through your windows by as much as 40%?


Research undertaken at Glasgow Caledonian University for English Heritage found that a roller blind fitted to a single glazed window could reduce heat loss by 40%, the same amount as a pair of curtains.

We have an amazing range of blinds and shutters to choose from, not only do they look great and save you money, but they can also stop people seeing through your windows, especially as it’s nearly Christmas and there will be presents on show!

Don’t worry if your windows are a strange shape! All our blinds are made to measure AND we install them free of charge!

If you’d like to find out more information on all the blinds and shutters we offer or even some tips on preventing heat loss, just give us a call on 01204 669898 or click here to arrange an appointment

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