Our shutters are manufactured by the world leader in shutter production utilising a combination of state of the art manufacturing with hand-crafted finishing touches.


  • our wood is kiln dried twice in a computer controlled drying facility, to account for the varying climates of the countries to which the shutters will be exported – from Alaska to Australia – to greatly reduce frame warping.
  • we engineer our stiles – the side bars of the shutter panels – by cutting the wood into strips and binding them back together in opposing layers, for greater strength and durability.
  • we use mortise and tenon joints between the rail and the stile, as they are far stronger than dowel joints. By minimising movement, we protect our shutters from cracking in the paint or finish; we even add an additional grooved overlap to ensure all movement is handled by the expansion joint.
  • we use a high quality, proprietary paint system developed specifically for our shutters, using seven coats of paint to provide aesthetic longevity.
  • we do not compromise on the thickness of our louvres; thin louvres are much more susceptible to warping.
  • we use marine grade stainless steel staples to attach our tilt rods to our shutters, with the tips coated in a bonding agent for extra strength.
  • we supply our shutters with a large choice of frames rather than attaching them to battens, facilitating diversity of choice and ease of installation.
  • we assemble our shutters prior to shipping to ensure that all the components fit together perfectly.

All of this means we are able to provide a 3 year warranty on all our shutters built within our published specifications.


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