Skylight blinds in Bolton, Wigan & Chorley can be a great addition to your property. Adding a skylight (or a Velux loft window as they are sometimes called) can be a great way of making a room brighter and giving it an overall more open, airier feel.

But all that sunlight can be a little glaring – and can uncomfortably heat and that’s where a Skylight blind can really make a difference to the comfort in your home.


  • Compatible with all major skylight brands such as Velux, Fakro, Roto, Keylite, Rooflite & Dakstra
  • Clips are attached to the fabric to ensure the blind stays securely within the runners at all times
  • The Blackout Fabric is completely enclosed, reducing fading and significantly extending the life of the fabric
  • 2 frame colour options in Silver or White
  • Cord free & Safe By Design as standard
  • Brush seals create a barrier between the blind and the window frame, blocking out light and reducing heat loss
  • Can be operated by hand or available in a solar powered motorised option
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Blackout Blinds – FAQ

Q: Why Choose Skylight Blinds?

A: Skylight blinds can be an outstanding finishing touch to your room. Perfect for achieving that darker atmosphere in the day-time and extra privacy, these type of blinds are perfect for you property. Many people also choose these type of blinds to create that further peaceful and tranquil setting in their home.

Q: Can These Blinds Be Operated Remotely?

A: Yes. If you’re looking advanced features, you’ll be pleased to know that our skylight blinds can be operated by a remote control which is great for easier access and simple use. However, we also have the option of traditional use and they can be operated by hand, if preferred.

Q: Can You Install Them For Us?

A: Yes. Here at Budget Blinds, our expert team are fully experienced installers and can safely and securely install them for you. All blinds that you buy from us come with a three year guarantee and we assure a quality and reliable service. Call us today to find out more!


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